Elizabeth and Tim – Calcot Manor

St Andrews Church & Calcot Manor Hotel & Spa.

Elizabeth and Tim’s wedding at St Andrew’s church in Cromhall was going to be a challenge; with the service at 4 o’clock in mid December there was going to be very little light. Light is the one most important aspect of our trade, we harness and capture it to tell our story. The less light the more interesting our job becomes. For that reason I was relishing the opportunity to photograph a church service in candle light excited about capturing the atmosphere and drama of the event.

It was exactly as I imagined, only better. I had the confidence in my camera equipment to cope with the low light; shooting at night has always been a particular interest of mine throughout the years but this was my first winter evening wedding.

The other challenge was the fact I could only shoot from the back of the church during the important bit, whilst this isn’t always the best situation it gave me the chance to tell the story from the guests point of view, opting to capture shots looking through the guests, over shoulders and between heads. I really like creating interesting compositions that play with the space, often using large areas of negative space to create a sense of place and drama.

After the service it was the obligatory confetti shot – in the complete darkness! As it is more and more apparent these days I’m not the only photographer at a wedding – mobile phones play a huge part in that, I soon realised that I could utilise them for what is One of my favourite shots of the day. I quickly got the guests to shine the phone lights on Elizabeth and Tim as they slowly walked up the dark path away from the church.

We then all headed over to Calcot Manor Hotel and Spa to the reception venue. This place is absolutely gorgeous, their space is amazing, the staff were incredibly inviting, warm and helpful.

I had a great time with Elizabeth and Tim and all their guests, I say it so often but it was a real privilege to photograph your wedding for you.

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